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Beach Betty Creative is a California lifestyle design company and community that believes in surf, sun, loving the environment and living life. Through inspiring resources, copywriting and marketing strategies we help creative companies and imaginative entrepreneurs grow and design a positive, live-out-loud lifestyle

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“Shelly is unique,” read the blue rectangular card that the teacher unveiled. And I cupped my hands and quietly sobbed. At the time it was the biggest insult I could’ve imagined. I was in the third grade—still at a time when I had some of that unicorns, glitter and princess crap in me. Our teacher, who I can’t even remember now, posted what were supposed to be confidence-building phrases on the wall in colorful construction paper. She read each one: Sherry is a good sport, Pat is great at helping others, Eileen is good at sports, Jeff is a super artist, Diane is pretty—then mine; Shelly is unique.

That’s how much it affected me; I still remember many of the phrases that were posted. I mean, those guys were good at being artists or at sports, or just good at being people. I was ‘unique,’ as in ‘different,’ and little girls (or little boys for that matter) don’t want to be singled out, they don’t want to be “different.”

It didn’t take me many years to finally own that statement. It was the 80s it was a great time to be unique because everyone was so unique that you were all the same. If you grew up in the 80s you know what I mean.

It also helped that a few years later Cyndi Lauper came out with a hit album called “She’s So Unusual,” named after an adjective she was pegged with. I’m pretty sure she had the same third grade teacher I did. Anyway, I soon began to love that that teacher applied that phrase to me. Though I’m still not so sure she meant it as a compliment.

Now I run a business that relishes being unique. Beach Betty Creative is all about helping you foster business growth through fun and quirky marketing and copywriting ideas in order to design a lifestyle that is uniquely yours.

Drawing from my experience as an award-winning journalist and humor columnist I craft unique marketing copy, web content and press releases for businesses looking for a lively voice.

I founded Beach Betty Creative five years ago after spending 20 years as a journalist. During that time I read press release after pleading press release asking for coverage. Sometimes there were bribes involved. Like chocolate. And sometimes I ate the chocolate and still didn’t provide coverage. Okay that only happened once, and I felt really, really bad about it.

The point is I know why things get in the paper and why they don’t. So I decided to stop reading lame press releases, pointless copywriting and boring web content and decided to show people how it’s done. With a unique voice and uncommon approach I craft compelling copy for my clients that can solidify their brand and draw attention of customers and media alike. And you know what? I realized being one of a kind is pretty fantastic.

Embrace your uniqueness and stand out. Beach Betty Creative can help you find your unique voice.

Little girls don’t want to be unique. Businesses do. Don’t be a little girl.


 Looking for experience? Try this on for size:

  • new headshotNearly two decades (whoa, I know) of journalism and public relations experience
  • Has won state and national awards for feature and humor writing
  • Spent time in real estate sales, even earning top salesperson
  • Is semi-fluent in Spanish, Geek-speak and html 

Peace, love, rays and waves

Shelly Cone, founder, Beach Betty Creative

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