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Home and arts and livestock exhibits may no longer be the biggest draw, but they remain a tradition

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Summer has a way of sticking in the fondest part of memories. Maybe it’s the warmth of the unbroken sun or the way everyone seems to adopt a more laid back way of doing things. The sights and smells help create that lasting impress; kids swimming at the pool, the crumble of sand at the beach, the smell of oak barbecue mingling slightly with the wafting scent of jasmine.

To Wit
A clown and two cartoonists walk into a bar … or, actually, they just talk about the lighter side of a sometimes dark life

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Once upon a time, there was a land with an unlikely ruler who came to power, and the jesters rejoiced for he carried with him fodder for their voracious wit.



Season of Abundance

There’s a new pest in town

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Checker is a software company that offers an all-in-one solution for market researchers. It is the only software on the market that allows researchers to collect and report data from a variety of research channels all in one dashboard. The company needed a way to explain its unique selling position in an interesting way. Beach Betty Creative researched the company’s existing marketing material and created the copy from scratch including language that appealed to each marketing research channel individually but also to those in the industry looking to encompass all market research channels.

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Akel Ventures was looking to add some personality into its website while highlighting the brand’s position in the market. Beach Betty Creative used language that added a casual touch while maintaining the high level of professionalism that matched the company’s positioning. The new web content also exchanged some of the old site’s industry speak with straight forward language that made clear the scope of Akel Ventures’ services.


web content writer, website copywritingStartup company Cosmic Flares was looking to announce its partnership with Carbon Fund with language that underscored the importance of the partnership in a fun way. Beach Betty Creative incorporated solid facts into an overall playful tone that both entertains and educates.

First lines: “If there’s one thing we know about mothers it’s they hate us leaving our dirty little footprints all over the house. Because then they’ve got to break out the broom and sweep it up while more of us create dirty little footprints and it becomes a lifelong job. 

Yet we do it all the time leaving our giant carbon footprints all over the planet for Mother Earth to clean up. And we’re making footprints faster than she can clean them.”




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Ay! Mami: Tales of Latina Motherhood with a Latina Twist

The Southern California production was a collaborative community event that brought together storytellers, artists and musicians giving them a platform to share express their creativity and share their voice. The production was a series of stories by Latina women about motherhood. The night included original music by Live Your Dreams Entertainment-produced musicians Jordyn Elizabeth and Dalilah. The event was topped off with art by Valinda Gallea, Juan Manuel Perez Salazar, Servando Garcia and Gabrial Navar that reflected the theme.

Plans are in the works for a possible Northern California production. For more information about the production visit The Southern California production just wrapped. Stay tuned for pictures and video clips of the event.


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