Jake’s First Wave

Jake's First Wave Children's Surf Book “A beautifully illustrated and heartwarming tale about a boy who catches his first wave. I loved it!” — Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman AKA Gidget

Like most kids Jake loves the beach, the sun, the sand and
the waves. But this beach trip is different. This time Jake will catch his
first wave. Jake’s First
is a surf book about experiencing the thrill of doing something
new. Join Jake and his dad as they embark on their first father and son surf
trip, learning to have fun and respect for the ocean while learning to surf.


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Also available at Amazon.com or by sending me an email at beachbettypr@verizon.net


Your Press Release Sucks! And Other things Reporters Wish They Could Say

Do you want to know what reporters really think about your press release? Why that press release never made it to print? Or maybe after several attempts one press release did make it and you are wondering why. Well I asked a few news media colleagues to give me their opinions on what they like to see in a press release and what bothers them the most about press releases they receive. They didn’t hesitate in giving their opinions, and mostly because if their answers help you to write a better press release then their job is that much easier. I’ve compiled their comments in a 10-page report called

Your Press Release Sucks! And Other Things Reporters Wish They Could Say.

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The Perfect Press Release

Learn the tips and tricks to creating a perfect press release that avoids triggering reporter pet peeves. Learn how to get several different story angles to pitch, learn what makes reporters react and what’s considered newsworthy.

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