Need a PLR product on social marketing?

Non-exclusive PLR rights to this ebook, only 50 will be sold. I am the author, I have authorized rights to sell this product. I’ve been a journalist for 15 years so it reads well. Feel free to add your name as author, rewrite or modify and resell or give as a free report to help grow your email list. You just cannot resell the rights.

Social Media Marketing for Business talks about the importance of social media in growing a company’s brand online. The book is a basic “how to” that walks the reader step-by-step through setting up their social media accounts online.

Learn step-by-step how to set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The book comes in .txt format and is about 33 pages long 1.5 spacing. You can even add images to dress it up a bit. File can be downloaded after completed purchase.

Every business wants to have a social media presence. Many don’t know how to get started or lack the time to do the research. Social Media Marketing for Business will show them how.

The Following is a list of table of contents for the book:

Social Media Marketing for Business

Table of Contents

The World of Social Networking
Why Twitter?
How to Set Up a Twitter Account
Creating Your Profile
How to Create a Twitter Badge
How to Customize Your Twitter Background
How to Tweet
What to Tweet
How to Reply to a Tweet
How to ReTweet
How to Tag or Use a Hashtag
How to Mark a Tweet as a Favorite
Who is Replying to Your Tweets? Find Out
How to Find Other Twitter Users (Tweeps) to Follow
How to Unfollow/Block Users
How to Send/Receive Direct Messages
Cool Apps and Other Neat Things to Do With Twitter
What is Facebook?
Setting Up an Account on Facebook
Starting a Business Page
Starting a Personal Profile
Getting Your Facebook Page Setup
Getting Your Personal Profile Setup
What Content Should Your Page Contain
What is a Wall and How to Use It?
Editing Your Pages
Adding Special Events

When to Post
Getting Followers (Fans)
How to Create a Facebook Badge
Examples of Successful Facebook Campaigns
What is YouTube?
Should You YouTube?
How to Start a YouTube Account
How to Navigate the YouTube Homepage
How to Upload to YouTube
Bringing it Together: Updating Across All Networks
Sharing Your Videos on Facebook and Twitter
Allowing Twitter Updates via Facebook and Vice Versa
Updating Your Facebook or Twitter via Mobile
Creating a Social Media Plan


11 Wedding PLR articles

Spring is fast approaching and that means so is wedding season. Each article is written by me, not outsourced or freelanced. This 10-pack of articles includes
1. Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Party — 334 words
2. Your Wedding Reception Food — 414 words
3. A Winter Themed Wedding — 350 words
4. Wedding Fees that Can Bust Your Budget — 527 words
5. Wedding Traditions — 558 words
6. Selecting Flowers for a Wedding — 362 words
7. Choosing a Wedding Cake — 582 words
8. Budget Wedding Planning Tips — 551 words
9. Tips on Writing a Best Man Wedding Toast — 498 words
10. Beach Weddings — 520 words
11. 101 First Dance Wedding Songs — List of 101 popular songs

Articles come in a zipped file with both a copy saved as .txt and another version in a Word Doc.

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6-Pack Christmas PLR articles

Need articles, filler or blog posts for your Christmas web site? I’m offering six Christmas PLR articles. I’ve written each article myself and they are not simply re-written content nor were they outsourced. I’m a professional journalist with more than 15 years experience as a newspaper and magazine reporter.

The articles are informative but entertaining to read. Content includes

1. 40 Christmas Song Lyrics
2. 75 Christmas Decorating Tips
3. Top 26 Christmas Movies, with a short synopsis of each
4. How to Beat Holiday Stress–588 words
5. The History of the Christmas Card–405
6. The History of the Poinsettia–258

Articles come in a zipped file with both a copy saved as .txt and another version in a Word Doc.

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11 Home Business Articles PLR Pack

Work from home is a happening niche. I have 11 original articles I’ve written on the subject.

  1. Where to Find Online Jobs — 208 words
  2. What’s the Best Business Model for You, Online or Offline? — 417 words
  3. The Best Online Job Opportunities — 627 words
  4. Stretching Your Business Budget When Working at Home — 582 words
  5. Maintaining a Professional Image for Your Home Office — 479 words
  6. Keeping the Balance Between Work and Home Life — 410 words
  7. Organizing Your Home Office — 494 words
  8. Home Office Essentials — 589 words
  9. Home Business Laws You Should Know — 594 words
  10. Choosing the Best Childcare Situation When You Work at Home — 627 words
  11. Avoiding Work At Home Scams — 326 words

Articles come in a zipped file with both a copy saved as .txt and another version in a Word Doc.

Just $6.25!!

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