“Get a reporter’s perspective on what makes a press release work”

  • WRITE AWESOME PRESS RELEASES Learn step by step what your press release should include

  • TARGET YOUR PRESS RELEASE Find out how to find the right contact person at a newspaper or TV station

  • PREPARE FOR THE INTERVIEW Learn the most commonly asked questions

  • GET EXPOSURE Discover the way to almost guarantee you get into print

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“I loved the book. It was so many things that I needed to know and so many things that I could implement immediately. I will definitely be working on my own press release with this book by my side.”

–Brandi Grays http://www.brandigrays.com

The Perfect Press Release is not only a step-by-step guide to creating a press pack, it tells you what reporters really want to know–and that’s what you need to know to see your business in print”

–Graham Tappenden, Blogger and IT consultant in Germany http://www.allthingsgerman.net

Hi I’m Shelly Cone and I have been a reporter for more than 15 years. I’ve reported on every topic imaginable, from crime reporting, politics and schools, to business and lifestyle features. Through the years I’ve seen thousands of press releases come across my desk. In fact, reporters rely heavily on tips from from people or information in press releases to get their news.

But the fact is many press releases don’t make it to print. So many get tossed, lost, or simply sit in an inbox until the information is outdated. I’m not just talking about the press releases that aren’t newsworthy. A good percentage of them would make solid news stories,

If reporters rely so much on press releases to get information why do so many press releases get tossed in the recycle bin? There are a variety of reasons, many are trivial but some are simple errors that were made in crafting the press release.

Here are a few reasons why press releases don’t get read:

· They are printed on paper too brightly colored

· They come in over-elaborate packaging

· They are addressed to the wrong editor

Here are a few reasons why good press releases don’t make it to print:

· They lack vital information

· They don’t make the necessary information clear

· They are submitted too close to deadline

The Perfect Press Release: A Guide to What Reporters Want, will give you insight into what reporters consider a “good story” and will take you step by step through how to come up with story ideas to promote your business. I can’t guarantee that you will get media publicity but you’ll learn how to avoid reporter PET PEEVES, and how to develop a relationship with reporters so that they will count on you as the expert when they are writing a story about your field of expertise. Here is what you’ll get:

· Getting publicity

· What Makes a Good story

· What Kind of Press Releases Make Reporters React?

· How to Get Many Different Angles from Your Story

· How to Find the Right Angle to Pitch

· How to Get Story Ideas from the News

· What Format to Use to Send Your Pitch

· How to Build a Press Kit

· How to Write a Press Release

· How to Get Testimonials

· Reporter Pet Peeves

· Who Should Get Your Press Release

· Media Distribution Lists

· Major vs. Local Media

· How to Handle Small Town Media Competition

· What to Say When You Call A Reporter

· The Follow Up Phone Call

· Should You Send a “Bribe?”

· Preparing for the Interview

· How to Get Journalists to See You as an Expert

· The Way to Absolutely Get a Media Mention

All for just $7.95

Disclaimer: Buying “The Perfect Press Release: A Guide to What Reporters Want” is no guarantee that your press release will receive media attention. A lot of variables go into media decisions to use a press release to write a story or what the media considers newsworthy. Beach Betty Public relations and author Shelly Cone can’t take responsibility for a press release that does not get media attention. This book merely explains what most media expects to see from a press release.

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