Website Copy Packages: The Good Karma Sessions

Give your website the chutzpah it needs to grab your client’s attention and make them take notice. I will craft beautiful prose splash it all over your web pages like a bug on a windshield—except it will sound a lot better. Your website will be an extension of your personality, a representation of your product or services and a magnet for clients and customers. You can choose from three options for getting that much needed kick in the ass for your business:

The Grommie

Rev up your About page to tell your unique backstory. Get clients and customers pumped with exciting content for your Landing page.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Client questionnaire – This will help you and I identify your own unique voice and style so that the copy reflects your business personality and jives with your target audience
  • 1/2 hour phone consultation – We will discuss the questionnaire so that I’m clear about your goals, target audience and the voice you want to portray
  • About page – Not just an About page though, but one that not only tells readers about you it gets them emotionally invested by bringing your unique story to life.
  • Executive bios – This is an about page for the principals of the company, whether there are one or three or five.
  • Landing page – Grab ‘em by the, ahem, well grab their attention. This is where it counts. Grab their attention. Convince them, seduce them, convert them. This can be your home page on your website or your product page.
  • Revisions – as many as you need until you are deliriously happy with your copy

Cost: $550

The SoCal Swell

So you’ve been on a few rides. You know what you like. Kick back, hang ten and watch your copy come to life.

What it includes:

  • Client questionnaire
  • 1/2 phone consultation
  • The About page
  • The Landing page
  • Up to 3 other pages of feisty fearless copy Not sure what those three other pages should be? I’ve got ideas. Together we’ll come up with pages and copy that will have your readers, laughing or crying or whatever emotion you want. They will be putty in your hands, bwah ha ha ha – cue evil laugh.
  • Revisions

Cost: $875


Get Barreled

You’re fearless, you’re aggro, you know what you want and you want me to give it to you. I’m talking copy here, but sleek, expertly spun copy. The kind of copy that makes you want to pull out your wallet and toss cash at the computer screen like it was a dirty stripper at a high class strip joint. Or maybe you don’t like strippers, (yeah right, snicker, snicker) then substitute that analogy with something you do like—like baby unicorns.

Here’s what you’ll get behind door number three:

  • Client questionnaire
  • Up to 1 hour phone consultation
  • The famously intriguing, emotionally moving About page
  • The exciting, make them take their wallets out Landing page
  • Up to 5 other pages of fantastically fun copy
  • A press release to announce your newly launched website
  • Unlimited revisions
To get started on one of the packages above or for more personalized website needs email for a quote at
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